VTGO Advanced

Softphone for M5 Customers

VTGO-PC for M5 is a Windows 7, Vista, XP softphone application optimized for M5 VOIP telephony service. Users will enjoy an extended use of their M5 service after installing this phone on their PC.

The softphone emulates the Cisco 7940,7941, 7960,7961 IP phone types in form and function including support for IP phone services. VTGO-PC Advanced expands beyond the features and services offered in the VTGO PC Lite version with support for Add-on Modules (+28 buttons), Call Recording.

Applications include: Telecomuting, Call Coverage, business resumption, voice trading, executive assistant coverage, and as a desktop solution for advanced users.

USB Phone support is included for: VoIP Voice, Claritel, Eutectics, Plantronics, GN Netcom.

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Product Features

  • Emulates Cisco 79xx line of IP phones with dual 14 button expansion modules
  • Tested and certified with CallManagers 3.2-4.1, CallManager Express
  • Supports Cisco Survival Remote Site Telephony, redundant CallManagers, DHCP option 150
  • High quality-low latency using multiple codecs (G.711, GSM 6.10, G.729), QoS support
  • Supports Extension Mobility
  • XML telephony services
  • Configuration Wizard with user-definable profiles
  • Supports a wide range of external USB audio devices
  • STUN/UPnP NAT traversal, SKINNY fix-up protocol friendly
  • Call log with Callback
  • Call recording, storage and playback with email attachment
  • Integration with LDAP directories, MS Outlook, Windows Address Book, Instant Messengers (Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL)
  • Language Localization (English, Dutch, Danish)
  • Dialing from MS Outlook, Web pages and much more


VTGO Advanced User Manual
Printable user manual - 59 pages - 1.68 MB - December 2005.

VTGO Advanced Brochure
Printable brochure - 4 pages - 210 KB - Febraury 2006.

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