VoIP Softphone for Visually and Hearing Impaired

VTGO-508 softphone is engineered to be Section 508 compliant for the accessibility market. This softphone provides users with the ability to communicate, regardless of disability, with a state of the art VoIP softphone application.

VTGO-508 utilizes Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI) text-to-speech engine and automatically integrates with JAWS screen reader equipped PCs. Hearing impaired users are able to choose between the SAPI or JAWs text-to-speech engines. The built-in SAPI text-to-speech engine provides a cost saving solution for companies not wanting to invest in JAWS. Audio text translation is provided for all features of the softphone. Including, caller ID, line status, call hold, advanced features such as call directory and missed calls.

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A built-in Cisco text relay TTY/TDD terminal enables VTGO-508 softphone to send and receive typed messages. With this solution visually impaired workers are able to communicate with their softphone wherever they go.

VTGO-508 accessibility softphone provides a value added solution. Users will receive the inherent benefits of a softphone such as low cost, mobility, directories integration, and web dialing combined with accessibility features.

Mobile Accessibility

Visually and hearing impaired users are able to take their accessible softphone equipped notebook computer when they travel. VTGO-508 is engineered to provide all accessibility features and functionalities directly through the PC, no additional hardware is required.

JAWS Integration

VTGO-508 automatically determine and utilize JAWS if installed on a PC. If JAWS is not installed the softphone will use the built in SAPI text-to-speech.

TTY/TDD Terminal Emulation

VTGO-508 has a built in TTY/TDD terminal emulatator. This terminal is used for sending and receiving TTY/TDD messages reliably over IP networks and through PSTN Gateways to Analog TTY/TDD terminals using V.151.

SAPI-based Voice Assistance

Built in text-to-speech provides voice assistance for all features of the softphone. Some included features are: Inbound Caller ID, Phone Status, Line Status, Call Park DN, Call Waiting, Hold/Resume, Directory Lookup, Call Log Lookup.

Keyboard-only Operation

With the extensive set of shortcuts, VTGO softphone can be controlled from the keyboad only, not requiring users to look at computer monitor or use mouse. Keyboard shortcuts can be completely redefined by end-user to reflect user preferences and to avoid clashes with other application's shortcuts.


VTGO-508 - Softphone for Visually and Hearing Impaired
Printable PDF brochure - 2 pages - 124 KB - March 2006

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