VTGO-PC Multilab Softphone

VTGO-PC Multilab Softphone

VTGO-PC Multilab Softphone is an invaluable tool for VoIP network engineers and students learning Cisco VoIP.

Multiple softphone instances can run on a single PC, connecting to the same or different CallManagers. Each softphone instance is independent from another, and can call any phone incuding other softphone instances. This setup allows to easily simulate various call scenarios, verify CallManager settings, troubleshoot VoIP issues, run lab exercises in preparation for CCIE tests.

Current version is compatible with Windows 7.

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Product Features

  • All features of the VTGO Advanced softphone
  • Up to five softphone instances can simultaneously run on the same PC.
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.


VTGO-PC Multilab User Guide
Printable user manual - 35 pages - 1.9 MB - February 2010.

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