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VTGO-PC Lite is the award-winning leading SCCP (SKINNY) compliant softphone for Cisco CallManager platform. It is ideally suited for mobile wireless telephony, VPN remote access, disaster recovery, executive assistant coverage, and as a desktop communications solution.

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Product Features

  • Emulates Cisco 79xx line of IP phones with 6 lines or speed-dials
  • Tested and certified with CallManagers 3.2-10.5, CallManager Express
  • Supports Cisco Survival Remote Site Telephony, redundant CallManagers, DHCP option 150
  • High quality-low latency using multiple codecs (G.711, GSM 6.10, G.729), QoS support
  • Support a wide range of external USB audio devices
  • Supports Extension Mobility
  • Supports Cisco XML telephony services
  • Call log with Callback
  • STUN/UPnP NAT traversal, SKINNY fix-up protocol friendly
  • Configuration Wizard with user-definable profiles
  • Integration with LDAP directories, MS Outlook, Windows Address Book, Instant Messengers (Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL)
  • Language Localization (English, Dutch, Danish)
  • Dialing from MS Outlook, Web pages and much more


VTGO Lite User Guide
Printable user manual - 59 pages - 1.68 MB - December 2005.

VTGO Lite Brochure
Printable brochure - 4 pages - 260 KB - February 2006.

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