VTGO Attendant

VTGO-PC Attendant is the award-winning leading SCCP (SKINNY) compliant softphone for Cisco CallManager platform. It is ideally suited for call coverage, executive assistant, disaster recovery, and desktop communications solution.

To download or purchase this product, please contact our sales team at (212) 485-1225 or send email to sales@ipblue.com.

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Product Features

  • Emulates Cisco 79xx line of IP phones.
  • Supports up to 36 lines. With optional CallManager phone button template, supports up to 120 lines.
  • Tested and certified with CallManagers 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, CallManager Express, VocalData/Tekelec/Genband switches.
  • Runs as a standard Windows application on a regular PC or as a mission-specific application on dedicated touch-screen appliance.
  • Supports redundant CallManagers, DHCP option 150, Cisco survival remote site telephony (SRST).
  • G.711, GSM 6.10, G.729 audio codecs, QoS support.
  • Supports Busy Lamp Field (BLF) speeddial lines available in CM 5.x, 6.x.
  • Advanced BFL support includes call coverage for BLF lines, one-touch transfer to BLF lines, line forward state indication.
  • Multi-Cast paging and intercom.
  • Hot lines/Private Line Automatic Rindowns (PLAR) support.
  • Call recording (all calls or on-demand recording).
  • Call log with callback and recording playback.
  • Up to 240 speeddials (corporate and user-specific), in addition to standard Cisco phone speeddial buttons.
  • One-step or consultative transfer; transfer to voice mail.
  • User-defined hotkeys.
  • Integration with external USB audio devices; special support for Plantronics CS-50, Polycom CX-200 USB Handset module, Eutectics IP200.
  • Supports Extension Mobility.
  • Support Cisco IP Phone Services.
  • STUN/UPnP NAT traversal, SKINNY fix-up protocol friendly.
  • Language Localization (English, Dutch, Danish).
  • Dialing from MS Outlook, Web pages and much more.

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