VTALL is a maximum functionality, H.323-compliant softphone for next generation trading turrets and enterprise communications.

VTALL (Virtual Terminal/Application Link and Launch) resembles traditional multi-line business telephone in both appearance and operation. However, as an H.323 terminal operating on personal computer, users are provided with many phone features not found in today's telephony market.


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Product Features

  • H.323 gateway support for H.323 gateway assisted calling to the PSTN.
  • H.323 gatekeeper support for registration.
  • Up to 255 lines; up to 10 private line apperances.
  • Support for up to 30 concurrent H.323 point-to-point voice communication sessions.
  • Call recording and logging.
  • Hoot-n-Holler — support up to 7 multiplexed audio feeds.
  • Broadcast - will support a predefined schedule enabling the automatic setup and teardown of channels for real-time listening and/or for recording and later playback of audio information.
  • Built-in answering machine.
  • Call redirection before and after answer - edirects calls in a no answer and busy condition to a predefined messaging application.
  • Directory support enabling the user to import contacts from popular PIMs like Outlook, Windows Address book, LDAP and ACT!.
  • Additional application modules are easily incorporated into the VT ALL platform. Currently the VT All platform already acts as a delivery vehicle for:
  • Video streaming, message delivery, remote access.
  • Currently acts as a delivery vehicle for:
    • Purple Voice—synchronized broadcasting
    • Call Block 2000—an inter-dealer broker non-solicitation application
    • Trader 2000—an inter-dealer broker transaction manager
    • Instant Messaging—allows wireless web enabled PDA messaging; text to speech delivery to voice enabled PDA devices; and text to speech delivery to blue tooth devices.
    • Cisco—call center/collaborative toolsets; geotel and web line.
    • Envox—interactive voice response development.
    • Starvox—remote access application.


VTALL User Guide
Printable user guide - 71 pages - 820 KB - September 2003.

VTALL Brochure
Printable brochure - 1 page - 460 KB - September 2003.

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